CoinClaim Technology

CoinClaim is a cryptocurrency technology platform that was built to solve three problems related to dispersing micropayments to individuals around the world.

Payers new to cryptocurrency are subject to a fragmented and confusing technology experience when seeking to make crypto payments. CoinClaim removes the barriers to entry for those wishing to send micropayments. Our one-to-many system allows for input of any currency (including fiat), and output in cryptocurrency to an unlimited number of recipients.

Making payments to billions of under-banked and unbanked people around the world presents many risks. Sending fiat currency presents risk for theft or mismanagement of funds by those who distribute to the final recipient. Cryptocurrency is recorded in an open ledger, eliminating the potential for fraud. Crypto also allows direct delivery to an unlimited number of intended payees without middle-men or handling fees/charges. The intended recipient receives exactly the amount sent, without risk of fraud or middlemen “taking a cut” for their services.

Making micropayments with fiat currency or Bitcoin currently subjects the payer/payee to fees that are out of proportion to the low amount of the transfer. For example, an employer  may require 100 users to complete a task, paying $0.15 per task. The fees applied to each $0.15 payment would exceed the payment amount. With CoinClaim, micropayments can be distributed for a fee of 0.13% or less.