How it works

How does conclaim work

CoinClaim is a fully automated SaaS marketing tool using 100% crypto for organic social media and other marketing campaigns. CoinClaim is perfect for all phases of a company’s growth from ICO bounty programs to established brand marketing campaigns.

We built CoinClaim because many organizations are in a situation where they have tokens on hand but lack brand awareness of their company or product. CoinClaim helps by providing a redemption vehicle for companies to use their tokens in marketing campaigns including - bounties, contests, fundraisers and other transactional and promotional activities.

CoinClaim is also perfect for non-crypto companies looking to expose their brand to new customers. CoinClaim’s built in token - CLM - is a perfect reward for those promoting your product and brand.

CoinClaim is not an ICO. It is a finished marketing platform that we spent one year and a lot of our own money creating. Soon, other token companies will run campaigns and give away their tokens in our system. It is a real business with a real business model to make money and increase the value of our own token.

CLM is the internal token for CoinClaim. The campaigns we are running are for the beta launch of the platform. We are doing this to show how the system works. CLM will always be available through our system.

We think people should only invest in real companies and real products.

CLM currently trades on STEX Exchange - Click here to trade now!


Start a CoinClaim for your company

If you are a company looking to expose your brand or product to more people, CoinClaim can put armies of internet users worldwide to work for you. Our platform can immediately summon a multitude of marketers and influencers who are happy to work for you in exchange for your tokens. Signup to make CoinClaim your promotions partner today!

The process is easy and we will help make sure everything is set up correctly:
  • 1 Make an account at CoinClaim (
  • 2 In the account dashboard, click Start a CoinClaim.
  • 3 Choose promotion type, and work through the wizard to set your campaign.
  • 4 Advertise your promotion in your marketing channels.
  • 5 View and check the stats of all of your campaigns in the Company Dashboard.

In addition to tokens paid by the company, CoinClaim offers users the benefit of earning CLM (our internal trade-able token) by performing tasks, such as logging in daily, signing up for company Coin Claims, and completing company Coin Claim tasks. This promotes additional activity on the CoinClaim website and provides more incentive for user interaction with brands and products.

Here are a few campaigns that can be set up in the Company Dashboard inside CoinClaim:
  • Giveaways or standard airdrops - drop free tokens into a user’s wallet.
  • Social Media Marketing - share your tokens with users who promote or follow your brand.
  • Transactional activities - Allow users to earn tokens by performing tasks such as signing up for your newsletter or sharing posts in social media.
  • Contests - Run a contest and award the winners your tokens.
  • Fundraisers - Raise funds for events or causes by setting up a fundraiser and rewarding participants with tokens.


CoinClaim has a consistently growing list of companies that are looking to reward you for interacting and promoting their brand. This is a unique opportunity to kick-start your participation in the token economy.

Here are some of the ways you can earn tokens:
  • Giveaways or standard airdrops - Get free tokens dropped directly into your wallet.
  • Social Media - earn tokens promoting or following companies online.
  • Transactional activities - Earn tokens by performing tasks such as signing up for a company’s newsletter, or sharing posts in social media.
  • Contests - Enter a contest and be awarded with tokens if you win.
  • Fundraisers - Help a cause or charity by participating in a fundraiser and earn tokens while doing so.