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Companies are ready to pay you crypto tokens for promoting their brands and products in social media and other channels.

How does Coinclaim work?

CoinClaim is a fully automated SaaS marketing tool using 100% crypto for organic social media and other marketing campaigns.

CoinClaim is perfect for all phases of a company's growth from ICO bounty programs to established brand marketing campaigns.

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What and How it works

There are two sides of every Coin Claim

Looking to earn free tokens?

  • Take a moment to browse the catalogue of currently participating companies running Coin Claims.

  • Click on the “claim” to learn more about how you can claim Crypto Coin promotions from participating companies.

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Looking to do something creative with ICO or crypto token?

  • Create a company account on CoinClaim.

  • Deposit the amount of tokens to be utilized in the promotion; you can deposit more any time you like in deposit section.*

  • Start a campaign in the admin by selecting the promotion you want to run. The wizard will guide you through the set up.

  • Monitor the campaign results.

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